Caribbean Farmers in The Gambia 

1st December  2019

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Individuals have been sharing their own knowledge of Caribbean seeds & plant growing in the Gambia for some time,  therefore we have created a platform to share this information in a much wider forum

You don't have to be Caribbean to love Caribbean foods, so all are welcome to teach and learn from each other. Not just how to grow but also how to cook Caribbean foods

The event will take place on Sunday 1st December 2019 at 12.30pm - 2pm

Limited Free Tickets Available  

Seed & Plant Swaps & Sales for foods and fruits such as:-

Ackee; Guava;
Breadfruit; Yellow and White Yam;
Callaloo; Coco;
Plantain; Chocolate;
Choucha; Noni;
Jack Fruit; Green Bananna;
Soursap; Sweatsap etc

Discussions will take place on topics such as how to grow and pick certain foods that are deemed poisonous such as Ackee and Red Kidney beans

There will be a presentation on funding; partnerships and land leasing, for those who wish to farm but do not have the necessary funds or acquired lands, and for those who have vast lands but wish to work in partnership or lease portions of their land to individuals.  **Please note that this does not always mean money exchanges, we believe in the 'Barter Exchange' system'of working.

Bring your plants and seeds to network with like-minded gardeners and farmers

Contact us if you want to speak on certain farming techniques that work for you in the Gambia when growing Caribbean foods


Don't Miss Out!!! 

Download your tickets early to avoid disappointment

Further Info or Enquiries Contact Binta on WhatsApp  +220 2026784  or +44 7729957216

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